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Building More Effective Communications

SpanDocs brings direct customer contact to life through the process of enrichment. This translates to mailing and customer contact solutions that are more effective, more reliable, at a lower cost, with effortless integration with back office CIS systems.

  • More intelligent document composition
  • Automated content management

When it comes to managing your business and your customers, the only constant is change.  For that reason, Spandocs provides the resources to manage change effectively at the lowest possible cost.

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Where There’s A Bill There’s A Way

SpanDocs’ Document Profile System (DPS) delivers relevant content both on the document and within the mailing package.  Automated transformers digest, segment, create content triggers, and distribute invoice data to customized distribution production channels.  The result is a complete one-to-one communication that will engage your customer and produce  –

  • Faster Payments
  • More Qualified CSR engagement
  • Greater Call to Action

When it comes to managing your business and your customers, the only constant is change. For that reason, Spandocs provides the resources to manage change effectively.

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Making Sound Decisions

 Targeting Content Strategies

As with a tree falling in a forest, the same applies to sounds coming from your company. If your messages aren’t read, it’s as if they were never sent. That’s why it is so important to make sure that each message sticks, and that each message, promotion, or call to action speaks directly to the individual you are talking to.

There are many channels to choose from when it comes to delivering important content to your customers. With accelerated adoption of electronic delivery by email or sms, your customers’ preferences are being made loud and clear. And for those customers that are looking for more convenience, Spandocs’ Summary Invoice delivery will provide the best of both worlds- the transaction summary activity snapshot along with the important content you want them to see.

E-delivery can be supplied as a complimentary delivery option to those customers that still prefer mail service. It has also been proven to further accelerate e-bill adoption as a preference to replace mail. Now that’s significant savings for you and our planet. Additional advantages include faster receipt, faster payment, and most importantly, immediate tracking.

E-delivery by either e-mail or sms is trackable. In fact, each customer navigation is trackable to give you deeper insight into your customer behavior. With content adapted to view optimally on customer mobile devices or their desktop, you’ll be able to make promotions and call to action more convenient and accessable. The improvement in responses will be dramatic.


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Tactical Billing and Document Mailing Solutions

When Spandocs first introduced its on-line document mail portal, the cost to mail a letter was just 32 cents . Today, 15 rate increases later, communicating to your customers by mail -from enrollment, through recurring billing, to collecting – every customer contact must deliver a call to action and measurable return on the investment .

We should recognize however, that over that same period, our personal behavior hasn’t changed much when it comes to handling our mail. Over 95% of paper invoices are opened and read right away – often in haste. So you have a short window of opportunity to convey the important information. If you want to get paid on time it is critical that important payment information be displayed prominently. It must be “sticky”.

​When it comes to creating the most critical customer dialogue, the invoice improves retention and builds a relationship that increases the average revenue per customer. Tangible mail is more effective than email marketing because the reader cannot simply click and delete. It must be touched.


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